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Stick it in Your Satchel: India

At Electric Pursuit, we are big fans of adventure. We enjoy rolling hills, bustling cities, and the ever odd towns. Every good traveler knows that carrying a light and efficient satchel is a travel must! To help out, we have put together a list of items you need for a certain city. It is personally tested and not 100% guaranteed. 

Stick it in Your Satchel: Chennai, India

April-August in India is a mistake. The heat reaches the 100 degree mark almost every day with little to no avail. In this edition, we are focusing on the hot months in Southern India.

1. Easy and light bag. Something that closes shut and is not open in any way.
2. Notebook and pen.
3. Tissues. Most bathrooms don’t come with toilet paper or paper towels. Tissue is a great alternative for both purposes.
4. Cash. Most places don’t take credit card.
5. Chapstick.
6. Sunglasses.
7. Travel charger.
8. Wipes. Trust me. You’ll need these to wipe off the grime your body collects.
9. [Not pictured] sunscreen. Duh!

What are some of your travel musts?

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  1. Miriam says:

    I’m about to leave for my cruise and I’m thinking a must is all the beach essentials – I’m going to Target tonight to go buy sunglasses and sunscreen! Thanks for the reminder!

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