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Best Decision I Made Last Week

We at Electric Pursuit are all about embracing the good, the bad, and the mundane! Selecting the best decision we made last week is our own way of celebrating the choices we make.

[Jithu] The best decision I made last week was not drunk texting. It just takes a few drinks to prepare me for intense conversations via text. I am adept at writing paragraphs and using the proper emojis to express a myriad of feelings. I relish in texting friends about the joys our friendship gives me or how much I miss them or expressing my very rational anger at the the dude I dated for a bit and broke up with about his new gf.

I’m proud of myself for not giving into the siren call of text messaging after some delicious IPAs.

[Jess] The best decision I made last week was buying hot dogs from The Shady Dog after my hair cut.  photo(2)The gentleman running the cart referred to me as Chicken Little which I found charming.  I enjoyed two delicious hot dogs with BBQ sauce and cheese. This was way better than grabbing Panera like I have been defaulting to recently.

What was the best decision you made last week? Feel free to share your best decision from last week with us too!

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