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An Ode to Lloyd Dobler

In 1989, Lloyd Dobler played Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes outside Diane’s window. With this gesture, he set a new standard for romantic gestures in movies. This classic scene is from Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything, a sweet and fearless movie about new romance.


In an era where John Hughes ruled the halls of teen cinema, Cameron Crowe made a movie about a simple guy who just wanted to date a girl. It was atypical of the 80s high school genre to feature a romance between an underachiever and an intelligent but socially inexperienced valedictorian. It wasn’t a story about butting heads with the popular kids or a romance between the rich guy and the poor girl. It was about Lloyd and his first romantic relationship.

John Cusack plays the fearless underachiever Lloyd, who is enthralled by Diane. Undeterred by anything, he convinces her to meet him for a date and slowly they build a relationship. Under her father’s persuasion, Diane ends things with Lloyd and in a gesture to win her back, he lifts a boom box over his head and lets Peter Gabriel do the work.

I was 15 when I first saw this movie and was so impressed with the boom box scene. I would have swooned if a dude lifted a boom box outside my window (heck, I would still swoon at this gesture!). One-upping Lloyd Dobler in romantic gestures is a very hard thing to do. I recently re-watched this film and I realized that I still loved Lloyd but for different reasons. I loved him because he wanted Diane and went after her without any regard to rejection or heartbreak. He was a do-er who was willing to try anything.  Now, the most romantic scene in the movie isn’t the boom-box scene, it is when Lloyd supports Diane as she deals with a difficult situation with her father. He helps her with her letter and stands by her side as a partner. I think Lloyd surpasses the title of a typical movie boyfriend and morphs into a partner. He isn’t a jock or the trust fund baby of 80s teen romances. He is a dude who just wanted a date with Diane Court. 


lloyd 1

If you haven’t seen Say Anything yet. You must remedy this situation ASAP.









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