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Best Decision I Made Last week

We at Electric Pursuit are all about embracing the good, the bad, and the mundane! Selecting the best decision we made last week is our own way of celebrating the choices we make.

[Jithu] The best decision I made last week was to not make out with strangers at Whitlows rooftop. Seriously, this is a big problem of mine. I go out and after a couple of beers, I am all about the bros that hang out in Clarendon. I forget about my standards and just let myself get caught up in the scent of Axe body spray in the air. BUT! This Friday, I was strong and resisted the siren call of a man in glasses and left with my dignity intact.

[Jess]  The best decision I made last week was listening to a few episodes from the You Up? Sex and Dating Advice in a Modern World podcast.  I’m not quite sure where I discovered this gem, I’m sure it was some corner of the blogosphere.

Most of my PGH friends have been in relationships for more than 4+ years and/or are married. Sometimes being the only single friend can be a struggle, especially when it comes to navigating the current dating scene.

The co-hosts are a 20-something guy and girl in LA, both are stand up comedians and it feels like you’re just hanging out with your buds. I’m definitely going to continue to work my way through the archives while I make crafts and drink wine alone.


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  1. Jacquelyn says:

    I have to say… I feel that these both were GREAT decisions.

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