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Best Decision I Made Last Week

We at Electric Pursuit are all about embracing the good, the bad, and the mundane! Selecting the best decision we made last week is our own way of celebrating the choices we make.

[Jithu] The best decision I made last week was to make the most of the day. I know, everyone says this but don’t necessarily follow through with it. Currently, I’m focusing on small achievable goals. I love my new gig and it keep me engaged and insanely busy. I roughly clock in about 10 hour work days and by the time I get home, I am exhausted and I don’t want to do anything other than watch Orange is the New Black and pass out on the couch. This week, I told myself that I would spend 20 minutes outside after I got home. This has been really great for me. I look forward to going on a walk or a run on the trails. Seriously, sunshine and fresh aid really makes a difference! After my quick walk or whatever, I come home and use my new burst of energy to do something other than melt into the couch. This is week 1 and I will report back to you all about week 2!

[Jess] The best decision I made last week was volunteering at the Girls Rock! Pittsburgh June camp.  I had been planning on being involved minimally this session, mostly just focusing on loading in gear, but that changed after day one.

Seeing 30 girls ages 8-18 join bands, write original songs, perform in front of a sold out crowd, and form friendships over their mutual love of My Chemical Romance is a pretty solid way to spend a week.

If you’re in the Pittsburgh area mark August 9th on your calendar now.  That’s the date of the next session’s showcase and you really don’t want to miss the magic.pizzagrrlz


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  1. Jacq says:

    I am impressed with both of you. Fantastic best decisions!

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