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Best Decision I Made Last Week

We at Electric Pursuit are all about embracing the good, the bad, and the mundane! Selecting the best decision we made last week is our own way of celebrating the choices we make.

[Jithu] The best decision I made last week was going to Brew at the Zoo with some amazing old friends and new. This is a super fun event benefits the National Zoo and is a way for the DC crowd to rub elbows and sample various local beers. I met up with my friends Alicia, Andrew, and Julia and we romped through the various zones for delicious cider and beer. We gulped down golden ales, cherry cider, and stale popcorn as we imagined the life story of a really attractive beer distributor.

I was chastised by a stranger for a eating a pretzel from a pretzel necklace. I mean, why wear a pretzel necklace if you’re not going to share the goods? People are terrible.

Other than being asked to step away from the pretzel necklace, it was an easy night.

If you ever have the chance, go to this event. Many cities host this joyful thing! Animals, friends, and beers are a perfect summer combo. brewatthezoo2

[Jess] The best decision I made last week was choosing Behr’s Cozumel color to paint my dresser.  I loved exploring all the paint options. Most of the colors I was drawn to were labeled under the Kids sections. Whatever, I’m for sure a grown up.


I currently have one coat complete at this point and I am obsessed. Phase 2 of this DIY-ing adventure is going to be adding glitter to the drawers because, like I mentioned, I am a grown up.  All grown ups add glitter to their furniture, duh.


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