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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

[Jithu] Summer is not officially over but I’m already nostalgic for it! This was a busy summer for me as I tried to pack in as much as I could. I love long days with the sun peeking through until 8 pm. I feel like I get so much time and I need to take advantage of the extra daylight and great weather.

This busy tone for this summer was set by my new gig. I recently accepted a position as a Program Coordinator for a large government contract. I am learning quite a bit and get to flex my Type A personality by helping manage a large project.

My face after a long day.

My face after a long day and after a humid run.

I also signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon and began training. I started my training a few weeks ago in the middle on summer and it has been a strenuous experience. As a recent runner, I’ve only experienced training in the depths of winter and running in the hot and humid climes of VA was quite the humbling experience.

Sometimes, sweet friends make you fun signs

Sometimes, sweet friends make you fun signs

It is also very humbling to run off oodles of wine from the night before – trust me on this one! I spent a glorious 10 days in chilly SF: basking in the Bay winds, drinking in the sight of the Golden Gate bridge enveloped in fog, and also drinking way too many glasses of wine at my cousin’s nuptials. This trip came at the perfect time.

The dreamiest.

The dreamiest.

Just a snippet of the numerous cousins gathered for photos

Just a snippet of the numerous cousins gathered for photos

I am currently finishing out my summer by celebrating another birthday; sorting out a quasi Quarter Life crisis that fuels daredevil adventure; and starting back again as an ESL teacher for adults. It has been a pretty fantastic summer and while I am not looking forward to the saturation of pumpkin products, I am looking forward to colder running weather.

[Jess] I am still in denial that summer is basically over. I don’t know how time goes from early May to end of August and then it’s mid-September so quickly. It has to be a magic trick.

I spent two weeks volunteering with Girls Rock! Pittsburgh at their summer camp.  Girls ages 8-18 learn how to play an instrument, form a band, write an original song, and perform in front of a 300+ person audience all in one week. The girls also participate in a variety of workshops ranging from screen printing, zine making, and discussions on body image. It was a totally rad experience to see the ideas that each of the girls brought to the group and see friendships form over a mutual appreciation of My Chemical Romance or Taylor Swift.

girlsrock girlsrock2

I moved into a new apartment and bought a car all in one week. Why spread out the grown up things you have to get done? My new (to me) car, Zenon, obviously named after the Girl of the 21st Century, and I are getting along quite nicely in our Bloomfield neighborhood.  She’s been great at hauling my stuff and the thrift store gems I’ve discovered to enhance my new space.  The only way Zenon could be a bigger help in this move is if she could unpack and organize all the things I’ve been procrastinating finding permanent places for.


My biggest accomplishment of the summer was getting a hair wrap. I was never allowed to get one as a kid. My mom usually blamed it on my dance recital.  It was finally my time to make my dreams come true. I picked out the perfect pink and purple color combo with matching bead. Unfortunately, they were all out of dolphin charms. I’m fairly certain I was the most excited person getting my hair wrapped at Kennywood that day. This big moment in my life was the ultimate summer day filled with roller coasters, funnel cake, and ended with the creepiest laser show I have ever experienced.

hairwraphairwrap2It’s been real, Summer. S.Y.N.Y. + L.Y.L.A.S. <3



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