Electric Pursuit


Electric Pursuit started as a code name for Jess’s mission to move to DC and live with Jithu.  The world wasn’t quite ready for the two to take on one city, so that idea was short lived. Electric Pursuit evolved into a triumphant rallying cry for the two friends.  It represents the intentional choice of finding the positive and embracing the mundane of the certified chaos that is your 20s.

parachuteHey, I’m Jithu. A pop-culture prodigy with a penchant for beer, books, and boys. I spend most of my time figuring out my identity, frolicking in the great outdoors, reading the feminist musings of Joyce Carol Oates, and taking online quizzes that help me determine which 90s indie girl rocker I am.

winkI’m Jess Lonett and I’m adorable all day. I have a variety of interests and could be labeled an inspiration hoarder.  I dig music, removing lint from the dryer, hilarious ladies, and anything teal.  I feel most confident with freshly painted nails and have a soft spot for micro-mini pigs.  I am down for a pizza party 100% of the time.