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A couple weeks ago I read this post about AIM away messages and I got ultra nostalgic and reflected about my previous online aliases. I can still remember the song lyric I artfully selected for my away message when I went to prom (Get outta my way cause I’m goin’ somewhere). Buckle up for safety as […]

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

[Jithu] Summer is not officially over but I’m already nostalgic for it! This was a busy summer for me as I tried to pack in as much as I could. I love long days with the sun peeking through until 8 pm. I feel like I get so much time and I need to take advantage […]

An Ode to Lloyd Dobler

In 1989, Lloyd Dobler played Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes outside Diane’s window. With this gesture, he set a new standard for romantic gestures in movies. This classic scene is from Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything, a sweet and fearless movie about new romance. In an era where John Hughes ruled the halls of teen cinema, […]

A Love Story

I still remember when I first laid my eyes on you.  Every turn I made around campus it seemed like you were there. Crossing the bridge to ISAT, in the halls of Showker, and waiting in line for grilled cheese in d-hall on Thursdays. This was back in ’05 and I wasn’t sure if I […]