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Stick it in Your Satchel: India

At Electric Pursuit, we are big fans of adventure. We enjoy rolling hills, bustling cities, and the ever odd towns. Every good traveler knows that carrying a light and efficient satchel is a travel must! To help out, we have put together a list of items you need for a certain city. It is personally tested and not 100% guaranteed. 

Stick it in Your Satchel: Chennai, India

April-August in India is a mistake. The heat reaches the 100 degree mark almost every day with little to no avail. In this edition, we are focusing on the hot months in Southern India.

1. Easy and light bag. Something that closes shut and is not open in any way.
2. Notebook and pen.
3. Tissues. Most bathrooms don’t come with toilet paper or paper towels. Tissue is a great alternative for both purposes.
4. Cash. Most places don’t take credit card.
5. Chapstick.
6. Sunglasses.
7. Travel charger.
8. Wipes. Trust me. You’ll need these to wipe off the grime your body collects.
9. [Not pictured] sunscreen. Duh!

What are some of your travel musts?

Best Decision I Made Last Week

We at Electric Pursuit are all about embracing the good, the bad, and the mundane! Selecting the best decision we made last week is our own way of celebrating the choices we make.

[Jithu] The best decision I made last week was eating street food in India. For me, it is not a trip to India without getting sick. To avoid this situation, I walk past a lot of delicious and questionable looking food carts.
streetfoodThis time, I made the brave choice to just eat the boiled peanuts mixed with tender mango and spices because if I was going to get sick, why not let delicious items take me there?


[Jess] The best decision I made all week was watching the How I Met Your Mother finale alone in my room.  I was able to sob to myself the entire hour long episode, from when Ted ET goodbyes Lily all the way through the credits where they showed still shots of the cast from the first season.  No one was there to judge my ugly cry or interrupt me as I dealt with all of the overwhelming feels that occurred. my-emotions-gifcrying-wine-robin-deskp.s. I had a really hard time picking between the Lily and Robin sad gifs, so I finally decided this is my best decision of the week and if I need two gifs to fully express all my feels I can use two gifs!

What was the best decision you made last week? Feel free to share your best decision from last week with us too!


Erratic Static

Maybe it’s because I’m a product of the late 90s and early 00s, but I still love creating mix CDs. Some people might call this a playlist, but those people probably have fancy auxiliary cables in their cars. I am not one of those people. Check out the most recent tunes I’ve been rocking out to!

erratic static cover

Right now I am extremely drawn to some girly-pop synth-driven jams.  Most of these songs are spunky and make you wish it was already summer. Instead I’m stuck in present day Pittsburgh where I’m hoping that spring actually decides to show up for more than an afternoon.

Here are some bonus tidbits about my favorites:

I listened to the Misterwives  Reflections EP exclusively for at least a week straight when I first discovered it.  This is why two songs from them appear on this mix.

JJAMZ, which I just learned is pronounced juh-jamz and makes me love them more, is a super group with members from Rilo Kiley + Bright Eyes, Maroon 5, The Like, and Phantom Planet.

“Robots in Love” might be my favorite gem on this mix.  I’m almost 100% positive 16 year old Jess Lonett would really dig this song too.

I’d love to know if you discover any new favorites through this mix and  feel free to share whatever treats your ears have been listening to lately!

Best Decision I Made Last Week

We at Electric Pursuit are all about embracing the good, the bad, and the mundane! Selecting the best decision we made last week is our own way of celebrating the choices we make.

[Jithu] The best decision I made last week was to visit the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. The Grand Mosque lives up to it’s name. It is the largest mosque in U.A.E. and the 6th largest in the world.

photo 1

Marble floors etched with jade, doors covered in mother of pearl, and chandeliers made of Swavorski Crystals. I mean, look at the gold-plated columns. Words cannot sum up how slack-jawed one becomes while walking through these marble hallways.

photo 2

As it is a place of prayer, women are required to dress appropriately. I was asked to wear an abiya and to cover my head before I entered the mosque. These things are heat traps that restrict basic movement! I have so much respect for women who wear an abiya or a full burqa.

photo 4

If you ever have a chance to travel to the U.A.E., you HAVE to go see the Grand Mosque.

[Jess]  The best decision I made last week was to use the bow tie prop as a hair bow during a photo booth photo shoot at my friend’s wedding.

Everyone knows that photo booth photos are the most crucial photos that are taken at a wedding.  First kiss picture?  Father-daughter dance? Cutting the cake? No.  None of those are as important as the photo booth shots.  One wrong prop selection and your opportunity for perfection is gone in one blink of the flash bulbs.

This bow look is pretty adorable and I am plotting on crafting my own for every day  casual wear.



What was the best decision you made last week? Feel free to share your best decision from last week with us too!

Semi DIY: Cran-Shine

At Electric Pursuit,  we encourage each other to challenge ourselves and learn/develop skills. We fancy ourselves creative-types with an unending love of (most) things cute and are open to the do-it-yourself mind set that built the American foundation. (source: Home Depot).

[November 2012]: Everyone on our team decided that we would not exchange gifts for xmas.

[December 2012]: LIES! Almost everyone shared cookies, hot cocoa mixes, and poinsettias that year. I was gifted 3 poinsettias. That is 3 too many poinsettias for one person to have/receive. I had to plead Hinduism to cover-up my lack of gifts.

After this bad bout of gift-giving, I decided that 2013 would be my year to claim the elusive albeit imaginary title of Queen of Gift-Giving. I decided that I would give everyone the cutest and most rustic gift ever. I spent hours scouring the internet  and read countless (okay, 10) DIY blogs for inspiration. The things I learned on the internet served me well because the easiest and the most useful gift to give someone is: ALCOHOL IN A JAR. Not just any jar, a mason jar.

The only rule you need to follow to make your gift fucking adorable is to put it in a mason jar. Really, this is the only rule you need to follow to ensure maximum cuteness.

Things you need:

  • 12 Mason Jars
  • 1 lb of cranberries
  • 2 liters of Vodka (I got Pinnacle because it was on sale!)

Step one: wash your cranberries.

Step two: poke holes in your cranberries (with a fork.) FYI: this step is macabre and made me feel like a basic cable version of Dexter.

Step three: put cranberries in your mason jars and fill jars with delicious on-sale vodka.


Step four: let it sit for three weeks. Slowly, the cranberries turn the vodka into this gorgeous pink color.

Step five: you tie a ribbon on it and hand them to people you like.


[Excuse the half consumed jar of vodka. I was thirsty.]

Step six: tell these folks that it is homemade cran-shine. They will believe you because this vodka is smelly and mad potent. Also, eating one vodka soaked cranberry is equivalent to taking a shot*.

Finally, I had won the title. I am the Queen of Gift-Giving.  The xmas party was full of joyous people filled with merry spirit and brimming with cran-shine.


*Not a real fact. Made up like the points  in Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Best Decision I Made Last Week

We at Electric Pursuit are all about embracing the good, the bad, and the mundane! Selecting the best decision we made last week is our own way of celebrating the choices we make.

[Jithu] The best decision I made last week was deciding to use my long-saved vacation days!

My mother and I were chatting about taking a trip to India sometime this year to visit my grandmother. During this conversation, we decided that the best and most economical time to fly out would be…now!


Surprise! I’m leaving for India (with a 3 day UAE layover!) this Thursday and will be back in good ol’ US of A on April 15th!

Don’t fret, friends. We will publish gemz for you to read from across the globe!


[Jess] The best decision I made last week was the outerwear I wore to the Alex Winston + Grouplove show.  I was debating between just wearing my cardigan or going with my faux leather bomber jacket.  I hate being at the wrong temperature, but I hate being overheated at a show and holding a jacket the most.

Do I risk being cold on the walk from my car, a free street parking spot that I managed to successfully parallel park myself into, or do I risk being too hot in a crowded venue?!

Thanks to my new Authentic Weather App (2nd best decision all week), I opted to go with my bomber jacket.  I didn’t get too hot in my jacket, but it did limit my range of motion, so my dance moves might have suffered slightly. The walk to the venue and back to my car was tolerable in the frigid Pittsburgh air.


What was the best decision you made last week? Feel free to share your best decision from last week with us too!

How to: Quit Hitting the Snooze Button

I have been trying to quit hitting the snooze button for years.  And by trying for years I mean, it was a New Year’s Resolution for 2012, a seasonal goal at some point last year, and a continuous thought in the back of my mind that I would occasionally mention to friends, but realistically zero attempts to actually achieve this snooze-free morning routine happened.

Well, my friends, I have officially stopped hitting the snooze button and I am here to share my tips and tricks that lead me to this glorious achievement.

  • Use this bedtime calculator to estimate your bedtime or wake up time to avoid interrupting your sleep cycle with your alarm.
  • Find a friend to hold you accountable for being awake.  I opted to send my friend Snapchats each morning like these gems:
  • Have a reward or small goal to start out.  My initial goal was to go two weeks without hitting the snooze button and my friend would make me a trophy or ribbon in celebration of this huge milestone!

The first morning was fabulous!  I was full of adrenaline and excited to be embarking on this new challenge.  I made coffee and started my day on a relaxed and positive note.  Day two was a real struggle.  The excitement had worn off.  I was already starting to question if this was something I could follow-through with.

The key is to power through those initial five to ten minutes after your alarm goes off.  Don’t give into the temptation and stay strong!  At the end of my first week of snooze-free mornings, I was feeling great.  I noticed my mood increased drastically and I had more energy in the mornings.  This small change really did set the tone for the rest of my day.  Who knew not hitting the snooze button every 10 minutes for an hour straight results in a positive start to the day?!

I’m happy to report that it has been almost two months since I started on this journey.  It’s hard to believe that I was held captive by the snooze button for as long as I was.  Here’s my award to prove it:


Best Decision I Made Last Week

We at Electric Pursuit are all about embracing the good, the bad, and the mundane! Selecting the best decision we made last week is our own way of celebrating the choices we make.

[Jithu] The best decision I made last week was eating a burrito the size of my head.


It was a very stressful week at work, I had started training for a race, and had successfully overcome my addiction to Trader Joe’s Sea Salt Caramel Bites (by eating the entire bag because out of sight definitely makes it out of mind). The only way I could treat myself and effectively deal with my stress was to eat an overly large burrito.

It is a well known fact that burritos are natural problem solvers, endorphin givers, and are considered a well-balanced meal.

[Jess]  The best decision I made last week was following bacon_the_piglet on Instagram.  I mean, look at this cute face:baconthepiglet


What was the best decision you made last week? Feel free to share your best decision from last week with us too!

Tale of Friendship: Jess and Jithu

For our Electric Pursuit debut, we thought it would be fun to share a bit about how our friendship has evolved.  Enjoy the dual perspective of the magic that lead us to where we are today!


When did you first meet Jess/Jithu?

[Jithu] It was at JMU but I do not remember a specific event. I had heard of Jess and many tales of her love for boy bands, Hannah Montana, and volleyball. One of my earliest memories of hanging out with Jess was during a debauched night filled with beers and vomiting over a balcony.

[Jess] I can’t recall the exact moment I met Jithu!  I really wish I did, but in general sometime in 2009.  I remember a time in the JMU clubhouse when Jithu was there too.  It was shortly after I was selected to be an OPA (Orientation Peer Advisor for any non-JMU people) and I knew Jithu was one the year before.  I don’t think I had met her yet I was just being a creep.

jess_jithu2 What was your first impression of Jess/Jithu? 

[Jithu] Our friend Kyle had mentioned that Jess really wanted to meet me. I was flattered and terrified that somebody was eager to be my friend. She was full of energy, spunk, and was open to anything!
[Jess]  I had a lot of mutual friends with Jithu and knew I wanted to be friends with her.  I would talk to our mutual friends semi-regularly about how much I wanted to be friends with her and try to get them to invite her to places when we were hanging out. This is clearly how all the best friendships start out.  Someone told me about how she walked into a case race and immediately kneeled and bonged a beer.  That’s the story that made me think, “hey, I need to be friends with that girl!”

jess_jithu3 How would you describe your friendship?

[Jithu] Our friendship is about acceptance and celebration of each other and our choices. Basically, Jess is my emotional guardian. I turn to her for advice, reassurance, answers, and general life guidance. Topics range from my fear of committing to group sports, work pressures, internet dating, my anger about New Girl underusing Winston, etc.  
[Jess] Our friendship is a mix of ridiculousness and mutual emotional guardianship.  Somehow we’re always able to be the voice of reason for the other person in the middle of problematic 20-something situations.  Both of us have a spunk that compliments the other without competing.  Our friendship is essentially the same as the Justin Timberlake – Jimmy Fallon bromance.

jess_jithu4 When did Jess/Jithu make it on your best friend tier?

[Jithu]  In 2012, our friendship blossomed to best friend tier-ship. Ironically, we became closer when we lived in different cities. We communicated through various mediums (twitter, email, gchat, texts, Facebook, etc) and shared our daily happenings. Now, I can’t imagine not sharing my daily activities with Jess!
[Jess]  I’m going to choose homecoming 2012 as the transition to the best friend tier.  Our friendship really didn’t start to blossom until after we graduated.  I remember getting a gchat from Jithu one day at work and told everyone that knew of my friend-crush on her about it. “OMG JITHU GCHATTED ME!” Gchat and boring 9-5s is really what led to our thriving friendship.

jess_jithu5 If Jess/Jithu could be a baby animal, what would she be and why?

[Jithu] Jess would be a mini teacup pig (mini and teacup seems redundant but it is not!). Pigs are  intelligent social creatures. Plus, they are adorable and can fit in my purse. Don’t you want to carry a Jess or a mini teacup pig in your bag?
[Jess] I don’t know what it is about this baby owl, but it just screams Jithu to me.  Something about the face looks like that baby owl is endearing, but you know there’s some mischievousness hiding in there too.

jess_jithu6I hope you’re ready for us, internet. In the following weeks, we will bring life lessons, general observations, and guilt-free guilty pleasures.